What is Aimhaven.com?

AimHaven provides all PC gamers the best and latest game releases. Our goal is to satisfy our users and to become your #1 site for free games. All blogs are friendly and easy to follow for everyone.

AimHaven.com does NOT host any games or downloads or files whatsoever (.zip, .iso, .rar, torrent files, etc.) on the server. We do NOT and will NEVER crack games. All the links placed on this website are produced, created, stored or cached at and by other websites, blogs, public forums, etc.

  Is this site safe to download from?

Yes! AimHaven.com is 100% safe to download from and totally clean from any kind of viruses. All the files are tested and checked carefully. If for any reason your anti virus picks up downloads as a ‘Trojan’ or other types of viruses, it’s a false positive warning. The reason for this is because the downloads contain cracked .dll files. These .dll files are needed to play the game without any problems coming from Steam.

  How do I download and install a game?

For more help with installing games, please go here.

  How do I solve errors or problems with the game?

For more help with solving any errors or problems, please go here.

  How do I extract a game?

When you have downloaded a game, you have to extract the file in most of the times. To do this you will need the free program called WinRAR. You can download WinRAR here. Once you have installed the program, right click on the file you want to extract and click on ‘Extract Here’.

  Where can I request a game?

You can request a game here. We will review your request and it might be added to the site.

  What is the current crack status of a game?

If you want a nice overview of the current crack status of a game, please go here.

  What are the current most popular games?

We’ve created a top 25 games list of the most popular games. You can see our top 25 here.

  Where can I find all the available pc games?

For the available pc games on this site, please go here.

  Where can I download softwares?

For the available softwares on this site, please go here.

  Can my pc run the game?

Always check if your computer is able to run the specific game. Use the free Requirements Tool and test if your computer is able to run the game without any problems.

  Can I play the game online?

Unless otherwise stated (usually in the game title or in the comments) all games here are offline. However, we’ve created a Multiplayer List which includes games that can be played online.

  Where can I find the recently updated games?

For all recently updates games please go to the Recently Updated section.

  How do I update a game?

You need to re-download the newly cracked game and extract the files. Before deleting your old game, check where the files are located and save them.

  I've noticed a broken download link. What can I do?

Please let us know what link ain’t working anymore and we will fix it asap. To contact us about it go here.