You will be redirected mostly to From there you can choose the preferred download link to start the download. We try to place multiple download link for each game. Such as; Mega, Pixeldrain, 1Fichier, Mediafire and MegaUp. However, this is not possible for all games due to a couple of game related reasons, which we will not explain further to save your time.

Tip for ”1Fichier” Download Links: Click the ‘Orange’ download button at 1Fichier. (Note: You can change language to English above at the site if it’s in France.) On the next page, click ‘Click here to download the file’ to start the download. If this give you any errors, you can also check: ‘Download without SSL encryption’ and then click on the ‘Orange’ download button. If 1Fichier does not load at all, try using a different browser or use a VPN. In some countries this website (or other download websites) might be blocked. Using a VPN will solve the issue. 1Fichier has the fastest download speed probably out there and the files will remain online for a very long period. Keep in mind you can only download 1 file at a time at 1Fichier.

Mega, Mediafire, Pixeldrain, MegaUp Download Links. All you have to do from there is to simply click on the available ‘Download’ button and your download should start. At some networks you’ll have to wait for 5 seconds for the download to start. You might get an popup (ad) first before the download starts.

Important. We recommend to download games via the Chrome browser or Firefox browser. For more help with installing and downloading games, please refer to our How To Install section. For more help regarding problems and issues with installing or downloading games, please refer to our Troubleshoot section or FAQ section. Watch this video tutorial below for more help.