”Can I Run The Game on My PC? Test It Here!”

Before you proceed with trying to solve your problems or errors below in this Troubleshoot article, make sure to check if you can run the game at all on your computer. Visit CanIRunTheGame or click the Orange button below to check your system requirements and the specific game requirements to make sure your computer can run the game without any issues.

Can You Run It Requirements Tool

”Use Opera GX Gaming Browser For Downloading”

Opera GX is a free browser built specifically for gamers. The browser includes unique features like CPU, RAM and Network limiters to help you get the most out of both gaming, browsing and faster downloading. Download the free Opera GX gaming browser.

”Missing .DLL Files or .DLL Not Found Error / Black Screen Error”

How To Fix Missing .DLL Files

When you have installed a game on your computer, you might get the ‘Missing .DLL File‘ error. To solve this problem you must have DirectX installed on your computer. Always make sure you have installed the latest version of the following programs below to fix any ‘System’ errors and other kind of problems.

Also; If you are having a ‘Black Screen‘ error, these softwares below should fix that issue as well! Make sure to download and install all the following programs below to update your GPU driver. The softwares below are very important!

DirectX: Get the latest version of DirectX

Vcredist: Get the Vcredist installation pack

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5: Get the .NET Framework pack

If the ‘Missing .DLL File’ error persists, make sure that your Anti Virus software or Windows Defender is disabled. These Anti Virus softwares may have deleted a specific .DLL file on your computer which is the cause of this error. Once the softwares are disabled, reinstall the game and the problem should be fixed.

Extract .Zip, .Iso & .Rar Files on Windows or Mac”

When you have downloaded a game, you have to extract the file in most of the times. Use the free program called 7-Zip to do this. You can download 7-Zip here. Once you have installed the program, right click on the file you want to extract and click on ‘Extract Here’. 

How To Extract .Zip Files

”My Game Crashes or Won’t Save / Won’t Start”

In some cases the game you have installed might not run on your computer. There is an easy fix for this that you should always do for any game:

​Right click on the game you want to play > Properties > Compatibillity > Click on ‘Run this program as administrator‘ > Click Apply and OK.

How To Fix Game Crashes

‘When I Start a Game it Opens the Steam Store”
”No License Steam”
”Missing Game Files On Computer”

Make sure if the installer shows ‘CODEX’ or ‘PLAZA’ or ‘RUNE’, you click on ‘Copy contents of (CODEX/PLAZA/RUNE) directory to installdir’ before clicking on the Install button. In some cases you have to manually copy the ‘crack files’ to the game installation folder.

In most of the times you only need to run the setup application before you can play the game on your computer. However, sometimes the game is a CODEX(/RUNE/PLAZA) file which contains a crack folder in it. To fix missing game files or installation errors, make sure you check ‘Copy content of CODEX directory to installdir’ before you click the ‘Install’ button. By checking this option it will automatically copy all the game files to the installation folder. The above settings are exactly the same for PLAZA and RUNE game files. Your problem should be fixed now!

Missing Game Files

Also be aware that your anti virus may have deleted specific .dll files that makes the game run. Be sure to turn them off so they won’t delete any .dll files. All files are 100% clean so you don’t have to worry.

”Disable Antivirus & Windows Defender”

Make sure that your Anti-Virus AND Windows Defender is disabled before downloading. This is really imporant. It’s because most of the time the crack files are detected as a false positive warning, these files will get lost during the installation and you are not able to run the game anymore. All files at this site are 100% safe to download and install. Get the best free antivirus softwares here.

”Blackscreen Errors & Random Errors While Starting Up The Game”

Make sure your computer is up-to-date. If you’re using old software or old updates the chance is very likely you will run into some troubles. For example, check if you have installed the latest versions of DirectX, Vcredist, DotNet, Video Card Drivers, etc… Re-install the game after you’ve installed the latest updates mentioned above. This will solve the issue in most cases

”You Have Reached the MEGA Bandwidth”

If there is no Alternative link available, let the game download overnight on your computer. After a couple of hours the MEGA bandwidth will reset itself and will finish your download. You can always request an alternative link to be placed. Just leave a comment below on the specific game page and we will take care of it for you!

Reached MEGA Bandwidth

”Run The Setup With Windows 7 Compatibility”

If you’re using Windows 10 and have errors with missing files or something like this, run the setup.exe with compatibility set to Windows 7.

Try Installing The Game To a Different Drive (:C / :D)”

If you’re not a proper admin, some folders/drives may be limited for your account. Sometimes games cannot be installed on C:, only on other drives, and sometimes – vice versa, only on system drive. And of course, avoid installing games to Program Files\Program Files (x86) folders. This folder usually has the most limited rights.

”Use The 2GB Memory Limit Option”

Mostly the Torrent repacks, have an option of limiting the RAM usage to 2 GB. If your machine has 8 GB or RAM or less, always use this option. 8 GB RAM is a very low amount, with browsers alone eating half of that size already.

Out of HTML5 Storage Space”

In some cases you might get the following error: ‘Out of HTML5 Storage Space’ and so MEGA won’t start the download at all. The best thing you could do is to make sure you use the Google Chrome browser and install the MEGA extension. You can get the Chrome MEGA extension here.

Out of HTML5 Storage Space

”How Do I Install Games? / I Need More Help”

It’s very simple to install a game on your computer, everyone can do this! Please check out our How To Install section for more help installing games.

”I Am Having Other Problems. What Can I Do?”

lf you have any other errors or problems with installing or starting up games where you would like some assistance with, leave your comment in the Disqus comment box which is posted at the bottom of ALL Game blogs. There are many people around that are able to help you out with the problems you are experiencing. Tip: Also search for your specific error on the internet. It’s probably already explained.

”ShareTheURLs & Download Links. How Do They Work?”

For more help regarding the download links we use on our site, please head over to this help article.